Microwave Mondays #11: The Top 3 Beats… And the Winner Is….. bZ! [With Esta’s Critiques]

All right y’all, here’s the moment we’ve been waiting for.  The winners!  Here are the top 3 beats, handpicked by Esta, and a brief commentary on why he chose each one.  Here goes!

First Place: bZ

Esta’s Feedback on bZ’s Beat [First Place]:

“I loved bZ’s chops and the bass selection. Came in smooth too. Overall great beat with a cool vibe”

Second Place: Chisel316

Esta’s Feedback on Chisel316’s Beat [Second Place]:

“Chisel316 came aggresive. Made the smooth sample energetic and i really like that. It’s one thing to flip the sample but changing the entire vibe of it is something i really enjoyed.”

Third Place: Uncle EL

Esta’s Feedback on Uncle EL’s Beat [Third Place]:

“Uncle EL stood out the most because It was quite abstract. It still worked out nonetheless. Drum pattern got repetitive though.”

All right, there are the results!  Stay tuned for Microwave Mondays #12, which is going to be a GREAT one.  Peace!

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