Microwave Mondays #24 – The Results [Guest Judge: Cosmo Baker]







Here are the results from Cosmo Baker for Microwave Mondays #24:

First Place – QueMusiQ “Help Me”

I like this one the best cause it has a really great swing, and the producer uses really interesting chops and stabs, parts that I wouldn’t normally think of myself, like cool vocal snippets and the wails that Michaels is belting out, in a very unique and ambitious way. Plus, out of all the submissions, these are my favorite drum sounds. The whole song has a cool apocalyptic sound to it. Although it’s not executed 100% the best, this is the most fully realized end product.

Second Place – Peter Liu AKA Master Lau

The fact that this producer seemingly got his drum sounds from the actual song gets him points in my book. Also, the person behind this beat had a great knack for using some of the amazing chops from the original song to create a new melody and groove – it’s very musical, and makes it evident that the producer has a really good ear. The beat itself is a little stiff, but it opens up and gets its bounce once the producer brings in the part of the sample that has the drums and layers it with his beat. The chops are well done, the sound is great; a little bit elementary in my opinion, but it still works.

Third Place – Martin, E-Z

This beat was the one that came in third. The sample source song has so many elements to it so I am really glad that someone decided to use parts other than the more aggressive part from the beginning. The reason why this one comes in third is because, although it’s not really the best, the producer did decide to use the moody organ towards the end and chop it up in their own way.

Congrats to QueMusiQ!  Thanks to all the producers that participated.  And props to Cosmo for submitting such an epic sample, and for taking the time to give detailed feedback on the submissions!

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