Microwave Mondays #28 – The Results


Beat Swap Meet’s DJ Endo’s top 3 picks from Microwave Mondays #28:

First Place – EyeJay “Fallin in Love”

Whoever did this joint entered to win. Solid structure & sound quality that’s straight to the point. Low fat & high protein production. I thought the THICK EQ’s were perfect – just enough bass/treble/mids etc. Great vibe & execution throughout the production. Brought excellent elements to accent & highlight the sample.

Second Place – Jyeah “Falling into Something”

This was a REAL close call. #1 & #2 were neck & neck to be honest, so don’t take the ranking personal. Great presentation & vibe to the sample. Whoever did this joint brought an immense vibe to the track with their creativity & talent. Completely flipping the whole joint with a new bounce to the track. EQ’s were set nice along with the accents added to the production. Like I said, #1 & #2 were REAL close.

Third Place – Brew “Fallin in Love Again”

Good structure & balance of production throughout. Loops were executed nicely & gave a nice head nodding experience.

Honorable Mention – C. Jones “Fallin in Love”

Great way of execution. I would have put you in the Top 3. However, the long intro to the joint & drum pattern timing was a little off, I thought. Nonetheless, great effort.

Thank you to all the producers that submitted beats, and to Endo for judging the battle!

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  1. Jyeah says:

    Congrats EyeJay! Your beat was dope, loved the sample chops and the drums were hype.

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