Microwave Mondays #29 Sample: Danny Daniel “In Memoriam (A Nino Bravo)” [Guest Judge | Spaceboy Boogie X/Record Jungle]


In recent years, there has been a resurgence of boutique record stores in Los Angeles. And, although each shop seems to cater to a different niche, Record Jungle in Montebello is the best among them in terms of both selection and affordability. For this reason, budding collectors, locals, deejays, and producers have been steady frequenting “The Jungle” since it opened. The man responsible for this burgeoning community of Jungle customers is owner Andy “Spaceboy Boogie X” Perez.  Being a hip-hop producer versed in the art of sampling, Andy has a fine-tuned sense when he’s in the field for pulling records that beatmakers would love to chop up – ones with plenty of open melodic parts, and/or breaks.  His selection for this edition of Microwave Mondays is no exception.

“In Memoriam (A Nino Bravo)” is a track off of Spanish singer & songwriter Danny Daniel’s 1974 self-titled album.  Andy says, “This sample right here is perfect: it is open, has keys, horns, and is very melodic –  just asking to be turned into some fire”. He mentioned that the record was in his to-be-sampled stack, and since he would freak it, it would definitely be something he would be into if it was freaked.  Producers – get your freak on!


You can download the Danny Daniel sample at the Soundcloud link below. Please email your beats to microwavemondays@gmail.com by Wednesday, March 6th. Be sure to review the showcase rules here before starting. Andy will announce his top 3 a week after submissions are in.

The producer of the first place beat for this showcase will have the choice of receiving a free download of either Reason Essentials or one of the Reason Refills (Reason Drum Kits, Reason Pianos, Reason Electric Bass), courtesy of Propellerhead.

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