Microwave Mondays #30 – The Results


DJ Babu’s top 3 picks from Microwave Mondays #30:

This was really tough to judge. I thought all the entries were great, but the three that I chose moved me the most.

First Place – Mr. Kwazi “Told ‘Em I’m on Top” (Submission 6)

#6 was super ill! My only critique is that maybe next time you should use a different sound effect. Yours was a little too reminiscent of Dilla.

Second Place – Cripto BSlim “Take Me Home” (Submission 3)

#3 did a great job! You definitely have a very clean style, and your take on the sample is a lay up for a hungry mc. Good shit.

Third Place – Juels (Submission 5)

I liked #5 because he/she took the sample most out of context. My only critique is that maybe it needed another layer or another sequence to break up the monotony.

Much love to everybody tho. Y’all kilt it!

Thank you to all the producers that submitted beats, and big ups to Babu for judging the battle!

2 Responses to “Microwave Mondays #30 – The Results”
  1. Cripto BSlim says:

    thanks from italy to all the producers!!! it’s very inspiring to see in how many ways a cool sample can be flipped and obviously thanks to dj babu (one of my favourite beatmakers at all!) for choosing my beat
    nice job mr.kwazy and juels great beats!!!

  2. j lo says:

    wheres that new beat battle?!

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