Microwave Mondays #31 Sample – Eldon Rathburn “Canon” [Guest Judge | Supreme La Rock]


We’ve been a bit busy over here at Sessions LA wrapping up our spring projects and preparing for the 2013 Summer Institute, hence the lack of Microwave Mondays posts in the recent months. But, the reset button has been hit, and we should be back to our normal schedule.

For this edition of Microwave Mondays we have the legendary Seattle-based DJ, producer, & record collector, Supreme La Rock (aka Mr. Supreme), as our guest judge and sample selector. In addition to being one of the pioneers of Seattle hip hop, Preme has been holding it down as a DJ in the Northwest club scene for a minute.  As a member of the group Sharpshooters, he co-founded the seminal record label Conception Records in 1993, which ended up paving the way for a number of local artists. Among the young artists he mentored was now super-producer Jake One. Preme and Jake, as the Conmen, put out classic breakbeat/raregroove mixes in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Revered for his deep crates and impeccable taste, Preme is that dude among record nerds.  In addition to his mixtapes and production for artists, he has produced tracks for ESPN, MTV, and HBO shows such as The Wire and The Sopranos.


For his selection, Preme chose, as only he could, an 8-minute electro-acoustic piece by Eldon Rathburn consisting of a sequence of canons, including “Frere Jacques”. Entitled “Canon”, Rathburn’s piece serves as the soundtrack for a 1964 animated short film by the same name. Produced and directed by Norman McLaren, Canon is as singular as its soundtrack: its entire content follows the form of a musical canon – simple, inversion, etc. This is what Preme had to say about his left-field choice: “I chose this very unique piece because there is so much potential for what can be done with it and what direction it can go. There’s so many samples available in this one single composition.”

You can download “Canon” at the Soundcloud link below. Please email your beats to microwavemondays@gmail.com by Monday, June 24th. Be sure to review the showcase rules here before starting. Preme will announce his top 3 a week after submissions are in.

The producer of the first place beat for this showcase will have the choice of receiving a free download of either Reason Essentials or one of the Reason Refills (Reason Drum Kits, Reason Pianos, Reason Electric Bass), courtesy of Propellerhead.

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