Microwave Mondays #31 – The Results


Here are Supreme La Rock’s top 3 picks from Microwave Mondays #31:

Ok, I gave all the tracks a listen, and while they are all decent, here are my top 3 picks and stand outs:

Third Place – 2L “Cannonball” (Submission 2)

Starts off a bit slow for the first 10 seconds before getting going but then really kicks in when the beat drops at 30 seconds. That’s almost an entire minute to get going. I think the first 10 seconds were unnecessary and the intro should have been cut a bit shorter especially with today’s current short attention span. Once it gets going though it goes, very creative.

Second Place – Juels (Submission 4)

Creative, nice flow, good swing on the drum pattern gets your head nodding. Crazy change up in middle. Great use of the samples.

First Place – Devon Cory “Blood Money” (Submission 6)

Grabs your attention almost immediately, excellent rhythm and bounce, hard hitting drums. Sounds the most record ready in my opinion.

Thank you to all the producers that submitted beats! Preme, good lookin out sir!

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