Microwave Mondays #13: Moondog – “Down is Up” [Guest Judge: Matthew Africa]


For the 13th installment of Microwave Mondays we are honored to have DJ Matthew Africa from the Bay as our guest judge. Matthew has been influential in the Yay Area hip hop and deejaying scene for well over a decade. He has worked with Cosmo Baker, DJ Eleven, B. Cause, among other great DJs. Check […]

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Microwave Mondays #12 Submissions [Guest Judge: Willie B.]


Wassup all Microwave Mondays participants, supporters, and listeners!  As we announced last week, we have Top Dawg Entertainment’s very own Willie B. holding this session’s Microwave Mondays.  We had 10 submissions in, and Willie will be announcing the winners on Monday, April 22nd.  Stay tuned, we had some really dope jams come in for this […]

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Microwave Mondays #12: Glen Campbell – “Wichita Lineman” [Guest Judge: Willie B. of Digi+Phonics]


All right y’all, let’s kick off Microwave Mondays #12! We have the privilege of having Willie B. as our guest judge and sample selector for this session, and he chose a great sample for all of our participants to flip. For those of you that may not know, Willie B. is a member of the […]

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Microwave Mondays #11: The Top 3 Beats… And the Winner Is….. bZ! [With Esta's Critiques]


All right y’all, here’s the moment we’ve been waiting for.  The winners!  Here are the top 3 beats, handpicked by Esta, and a brief commentary on why he chose each one.  Here goes! First Place: bZ Esta’s Feedback on bZ’s Beat [First Place]: “I loved bZ’s chops and the bass selection. Came in smooth too. […]

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Microwave Mondays #11: The Submissions


We received six dope submissions for Microwave Mondays #11, hosted by the homie Esta.  Here they are, the top 3 winners will be announced soon!

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Microwave Mondays #11: Ceu e Mar – O Quarteto [Guest Judge: Esta]


All right y’all, it’s time for yet another Microwave Mondays!  This week we have fellow beatmaker cohort, Esta, as the guest judge/sample selector for this session!  A dope producer to say the least, Esta has worked with various emcees including Bambu, Eponym, and much more.  He also put out a wild beat tape, REAL.LIVE.SH*T, in […]

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Microwave Mondays #9: The Top 3 Beats… and the Winner Is….. 2L!!! [With Duke's Critiques]


All right y’all! Duke Westlake had a great time judging all of the beats, as each of them had their own unique twist to the sample that he crafted. Duke really took his time to dissect and provide his feedback into his top 3 picks, which I will now announce! We will start off with […]

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Microwave Mondays #9: The Submissions!


Hey everybody!  We received a total of nine submissions for Microwave Mondays #9, all of which can be heard from the Soundcloud set below.  Stay tuned for the top 3 beats and ultimately, the winner!

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Microwave Mondays #9: Duke Westlake – “Waves” [Guest Judge: Duke Westlake]


For Microwave Mondays #9, we have the pleasure of having Duke Westlake as our guest judge. He is one of the in-house producers for Knocksteady and did many of the beats on Dumbfoundead’s latest album, DFD. Duke is one of the most talented producers I know, and it truly is an honor to have him […]

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Microwave Mondays #8: And The Winner Is… Neipom!


We had a total of 20 submissions for this round, and it really was a tough one.  Although all the beats came out great, there can only be one to be selected as the winner.  Congratulations to Neipom, who put a very unique twist on the sample that truly made the beat his own. According […]

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