Contest Info & Rules

Microwave Mondays is Sessions LA’s online producer showcase and beatmaking competition.



(1) All samples will be posted on a Monday, and all participants will have one full week (or by the following Monday) to submit their work to

(2) Each participating producer will construct an original beat with the Sample as the primary source material, i.e., the sample has to be the “foundation” of the composition: featured in the hook, verse, bridge in some unique way. You can flip the sample any way you want. Using a second, outside sample for the “foundation” is not permitted.

(3) Submissions must be 2 minutes or less in length. If the beat is longer than 2 minutes, it will NOT be posted and considered.

(4) Producers are allowed to use the software and/or hardware of their choice to make the beat.

(5) Producers can use any stock sounds, or any sounds they have sampled and stored in their “machines” (including loops) for drums, bassline, and keys/synth. Acapellas are not permitted, but you can include vocals samples.

(6) Scratches are allowed.

(7) Please be sure to mix down and master your beat.

(8) All beats must be submitted in .mp3 format. No uncompressed files (e.g. WAV, AIFF) will be accepted. Include your name in the mp3 filename.

(9) If there are more than 10 submissions, the beats will be pre-selected by the Microwave Mondays staff and 10 beats will be posted as a Soundcloud set on the page by the Wednesday of that week.

(10) The winners of the challenge will be selected by the guest judge, who will also act as the sample selector for each period. The guest judge will choose his/her top 3 beats from the contest and the winning beats will be posted on this official Microwave Mondays page by the Monday following the due date.

(11) Do not include producer drops/tags in your submission, as the entries need to be anonymous to ensure fair judging.

*NOTE: Even though Microwave Mondays (MM) is hosted by Sessions LA, MM is NOT a youth beat competition. It is open to ALL producers, irrespective of age and geographic location. Our intent in putting this showcase together is to create a unique online community where aspiring beatmakers are linked not only to each other, but also to established producers, writers, emcees, deejays, and crate diggers through a mutual appreciation for sample-based hip-hop.




Microwave Mondays is sponsored by Propellerhead.

Sessions LA is fiscally sponsored by Pilipino Workers Center of Southern California.